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Let’s Strategize an Online Marketing Plan that allows you to grow your business and increase your Email Subscriber List and Sales.

Work With Me

Let’s Strategize an Online Marketing Plan that allows you to grow your business and increase your Email Subscriber List and Sales. Fill out a Quick Questionnaire below so that I can learn more about your business and determine how to help you best.

I will help you create a strategic plan or point you to the best appropriate resource to help you build your business online.

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You Were Made for More…and You’re Ready to RISE…


Welcome fellow Entrepreneur.  

You’re here because there’s a tugging in your chest.

There’s something inside that you just can’t deny, you were made for more and you are ready to RISE above the noise of the Status Quo, and start your purpose-driven business online.

I know you, because I AM You.

I’m a Full-Tuition Scholarship College Dropout, whose lifelong dream was to be a Present Mother for my Future Kids.

You know there is more to life than the 9-5, and you have an intuitive pull that is calling you into the area of business.

You want to create a life that honors your calling, your vision and your mission and you know that it will require you to create a passive income that keeps coming in, so that you can create more time in your day to do the things you love.

Maybe you’re like me and have experimented with Network Marketing and affiliate marketing, and although you find value in those industries, you’d love to incorporate them into your Core Offers, because you are an Independent Entrepreneur and you want the final say in your Business.

So you’ve come online, looking for answers because you know that if you could just Crack the Code to how this whole online thing works, you could easily reach, the people you are trying to serve.

You have a mission,  and a strong why that drives you to continue to pursue your passion, but complicated things like Websites, Branding, Sales Funnels, Technology and how they all come together to actually create leads and sales make you feel stuck and overwhelmed!

This is where I come in and take you by the hand and brick by brick we help you get your business off the ground online.

From Branding Concept, to Online Business Strategy, and Generating your very 1st lead and even making your first sale…

I’m with you all the way…

Some have referred to me as the ‘Silent Force’ behind the launch of their dream business online, others see me as the momma bird that encourages, nurtures and pushes her babies and then kicks them out of the nest once they are ready to fly.

Me… I’m just a stay at home mom who knew there was a better way, and I just wanted to earn a few extra bucks in a passive and leveraged way,  so I could stay home with my kids and be more present for my family.

If you can relate…and you need someone to bring your dream business to life online, here are a few ways I can help you get off the ground and going…

“I had an idea, a vision, a dream, Barbie Helped Me Make It Come To Life!”

I had an idea, a vision, a dream to be able to serve as many people as I could.  I knew what I wanted to do, I knew it had amazing value and now I had to figure how to get the word out.  That’s when I contacted Barbie.

I had no website, no content, no anything except for my service.

Barbie is a visionary.

She was able to capture the exact essence of what I had to offer and designed not only a beautiful eye-catching website that I’ve gotten many compliments on, but she was also able to assist with the kind of content that went on my site.

She knew What would capture the most attention, how to drive more traffic to my site, how to grow my social media, and much much more.  She was very responsive whenever I needed her assistance and really created a very professional experience that screamed EXCELLENCE!

You can tell Barbie loves what she does.  She made the experience easy, enjoyable, and profitable! I would hands-down recommend Barbie to anyone who needed branding, design, or marketing assistance online.  

She’s a pleasure to work with, has a heart of gold, and truly delivers!

Thank you so much, Barbie!!

Chris Valdes

Dog Trainer, Asheville Dog Academy

What Others Have to Say

“Barbie Figueroa is a ROCK STAR internet marketer!”

“Barbie Figueroa is a ROCK STAR internet marketer! =) I recently held a contest for my affiliate partners, and out of the gate, Barbie came out on top. She went full throttle and was able to earn 1st place out of hundreds of other affiliates. Not only is she an incredible marketer, but she’s and incredible person that you need to get to know and follow. Listen to her and you’ll achieve success like she has.”

Jonathan Register

Creator of Blogging Domination Blueprint

The end result is a BRAND not Just a Website! I LOVE IT!

Barbie is THE BEST! She took what I had to work with and turned it into what I had envisioned in my head the whole time! The end result is a BRAND not just a website! She elevated my business & my ministry with creative ideas and input! She will always be my GO-TO GAL when it comes to web development, design and creative design! Thank you so much Barbie for taking PurposeFit LIVE from a concept to an active thriving ministry! I LOVE IT!

Brienne Christopher

Pilates Studio Owner, PurposeFit Pilates