How a Mom of 3 Boys, Planned her escape from the Rat Race, and Built her Business From Home

How a (College Dropout), Wife & Mom of 3 Boys, Used The Power of Internet & Attraction Marketing To Become the Present Stay at Home Mom She Always Dreamed Of…

All I ever Wanted to be when I grew up, was a Present, Happily Married, Stay At Home Mom…


It was the Year 2000 when I said goodbye to my 9-5 job in the Construction Industry, to come home to raise my first born son. From the time I was 6 Years old, my one Dream and Goal in Life was to become a ‘Present’ Stay at home Mother, but I knew that in order to do that, I would need to find a way to earn a supplemental income from home.


Working from Home, but Still Trading Time For Money.

After planning my escape from the 9-5 for the 9 Months I was pregnant, I was blessed enough to find an ‘at-home’ job answering phones for 2 big corporations.
I worked this at-home job for a while, but I was still trading time for money.
My husband and I were living under the same roof, but we were like 2 ships passing through the night. I would hand him the baby so I could lock myself inside of a room to work for 5 hours and then when my shift was over, he would hand me back the baby so he could go work. Not quite the vision I had of being a Present Stay at home, happily married mother.
Once my son was round 8 months old, he started getting more fussy and needing more of my attention and so I tried network marketing, as I heard it was a great way to make a part-time income as it was supposed to be a ‘Home Based Business’ but the way the company was training me, required to do alot of things that #1, kept me OUTSIDE the home, like home parties and outside of the home meetings, and the higher you got into the compensation plan, the more responsibility was required and Traveling away from the family to go to corporate events, add to that, doing things I hated, as an introvert, like talking to total strangers and hard selling my friends and family…

It just wasn’t the right fit for me.

Then I tried eBay for a while, but their fees kept going up and my business was at their Mercy, as they could close my business down on a whim, but before I quit eBay, I would successfully take my store from zero to Silver Powerseller in only 3 months… and I was able to do this because I set myself apart from everyone else in my Niche who was selling the same products I was…by Creating a BRAND For My store.


Discovering the Power of Branding.

Other Sellers got wind of my success and they began private messaging me to see if I would Brand their Stores… filling that need would result in the birth of my first Marketing & Design Company.


After a few months of designing stores on eBay, I realized one thing… I had Created myself a job! I was still stuck trading time for money and if I wasn’t working I wasn’t getting paid.


How Can I earn An Income from Home even when I’m NOT On My Computer?


Then I asked myself a question, ‘How can I still Earn an Income, Build a Business from Home, but STILL Make Money even if I’m NOT on my Computer?”


This is when I discovered the POWER of Internet Marketing and ‘Business Models’ and COMBINING Internet marketing with Business Building to Create a Business that also allows me to have a life and BE that Stay At Home Present Mother I always Dreamed of.


Finally Cracked The Code to Online Success…


In Short, I was finally able to Crack the Code to online Success!
Since uncovering these online marketing principles, I was able to:
  • Achieve a Leadership Rank inside of a Health & Fitness Network Marketing Company
  • Walk the stage at 2 Different Company Events
  • Achieve Leadership Rank inside a Generic Attraction Marketing System
  • Become one of the top 3% Income Earners for a Generic Marketing & Blogging Company
  • Achieve #1 Affiliate for a Blogging Product Launch Contest
  • Run my own Lead Converting Authority Website Design Agency

 But Still.. Something Felt like it was missing…

Even Though I had Seemingly Achieved ‘Success’ for some reason, My Heart still Felt Empty, I would still battle depression and I still felt like my home life was out of balance…

I tried meditation and visualizing like a lot of online gurus teach, but nothing was working to fill in that hole in my heart that still made me feel empty inside, and it was affecting my business. I couldn’t be effective knowing that I had all this turmoil in my heart. Yes I was home, but WE as a family, were not HAPPY. I don’t know if you can relate. Sure, things looked beautiful on the outside, my highlight reel seemed very attractive, but behind closed doors we were not fulfilled and it was affecting our family dynamic ….


And that is when the BIGGEST Change of My Life Happened and my role as mother and wife finally became clear… and my priorities changed…

God – Family – Business – Ministry (In that order)

The Biggest Change in My Business and Life, was when My Family Came to Christ… that’s when My Priorities become Clear.

I went from a stay at home, married mother… to a PRESENT stay at home, Happily Married Mother. (Big Difference)

Not Sharing this part of my story, would mean leaving a huge chunk out of how I finally discovered my Purpose and finally realized my dream of being a PRESENT, Happily Married, stay at home mother.

Before I found Jesus, I was just a stay at home married mother and that’s why sharing this part is crucial because my mindset and heart changed everything.

It changed how I view success, how I view business, how I view others, how I view my role as a mother and how I view my role as a wife..

See, even though I was trying to be a present stay at home mom, and I was winning awards and contests and walking on stages…all the things the world tells us makes us happy…

Home Life was severely getting out of balance because all I could think of was how to crush my business..

I was putting way more time into building a business than I was in being present for my family and something had to change.

Yes I was home, but if I’m being 100% Honest, many times I would be on my Cell Phone updating social media and not being present and I have one too many family photos of me being on my cellphone and my kids smiling into the camera.

It’s kind of embarrassing…

I felt lost, unfulfilled and even though on the outside everything looked pretty good, inside I was unhappy.

Even though I was married for 19 years, we were not happy.

And then my life changed when I finally accepted my oldest son’s (the baby that I left the workforce to raise!) invitation to go to his church and after months of sitting on the sidelines, I gave my life to Jesus and on December 2015, I became a born-again Christian, and had I known then, what I know now, I would have done it much sooner.

And by a Miracle of God, My husband, had a spiritual encounter that made him surrender his old ways, and he also came to Jesus, in May of 2017.

Now We are Happy AND Fulfilled

The Reason I share this part of my story with you is because personal branding and your business is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE. and Who I am Now, is different the Who I was when I first started my Journey.

God Wants you to be happy and close to him at all times.

And he designed the Family Unit to Be together.

I learned that in order to keep a Balance and to truly be Happy and Fulfilled.. I had to keep my LIFE in the following Order

God, Family, Business and Ministry <<=== in that order.

And although I am still far from perfect and let’s be honest, I will NEVER Be.. I can truthfully say that for the first time in my life I finally feel Joy and I am so grateful for my ability to be able to build a business from home because I can be the Happily Married, Present Mother that I always wanted to be and I can be the Wife to my husband that God wants me to be.

After my Big Life Change, I was now faced with how to approach my business… How do I SERVE Others and use my gifts and talents to do so…

And then after praying, I heard the song RISE by Danny Gokey and it embodied everything that I was Feeling.

After Winning all my awards, and achieving success I took an almost 2 year hiatus. I literally hid into the shadows and just spent my time doing freelance copywriting jobs and although I was making really great money, I was absolutely MISERABLE with the work I was doing.

I was working on projects JUST for the money, and although my spiritual life had changed, I was still struggling to RISE out of the shadows and back into using my Gifts and Talents to help more people work from home.

The SONG That inspired me to RISE out of the Shadows and Re-IGNITE My Passion for helping people:

I began to pray for God to Give Me Clarity and what I needed to do to lift myself out of the dark place that I found myself in because I was not satisfied with the work I was doing….

I began to remember WHY I started to work from home in the first place and WHY I had Success, and it boiled down to Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding…

And the funny thing is, all I needed was a TWEAK in perspective.. All I needed was a shift in my thinking to remember the VALUE that I could bring into the marketplace and it was this:

Instead of chasing the WORLD’s View of Success, (Money, Cars, Material Possessions, Status, Awards, etc)

I would use the same passion, love and talents to RISE up and Root my business in PURPOSE instead.

  • Purpose BEFORE Profits
  • VALUE before a Sale
  • PEOPLE before Money

That was the foundation of attraction marketing and inspiring people to want to buy from YOU over anyone else.

That’s how I started online, those are the principles that attracted people to me, and those are the principles I have always preached to my clients but yet somehow, I forgot somewhere along the way for myself and got sucked in by all the EXTERNAL Approval and Awards…

So since then…

  • I have helped Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Launch their Service Websites to Start Making Money in their business by harnessing the power and leverage of the internet
  • Created the RISEBranding Academy, a FREE 5 Day How to Sell without Selling Challenge that teaches purpose driven entrepreneurs how to position themselves online as the ‘go-to’ expert in your niche that people want to buy from
  • I Overcame the Fear and did my first Facebook Live!
  • I INCREASED my Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • and I’ve continued to make automated sales from my blog posts even when I’m not on my computer!